A Strategic Approach to Healthcare Marketing


Borderline, a leading healthcare marketing company, consistently helps clients in the private sector successfully integrate their products into hospital systems. In one such case, a client with a best-in-class Software as a Service (SaaS) solution aimed at revolutionizing the research process and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval sought our help in entering the market. The following case study highlights the strategic plan we devised to achieve this objective, which ultimately resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for our client.


The client, an innovative company with a state-of-the-art SaaS solution, wanted to penetrate the hospital system market, focusing on the research process and IRB approval. Their product aimed to streamline and simplify these processes, saving time and resources for healthcare organizations. The challenge was to effectively communicate the product's benefits and generate interest among key decision-makers in the target market.

The Strategic Plan

To address this challenge, we executed a two-pronged approach that involved both marketing and sales functions.

Track One: Sales

We utilized our advanced social media listening tools to identify core prospects on LinkedIn, one of the most important platforms for professional networking in the healthcare industry. By analyzing the prospect's online activities, preferences, and interests, we were able to craft personalized messages that resonated with their specific needs.

Using our audience acquisition tools, we drew these prospects into the client's follower base, effectively growing their online presence and establishing a solid foundation for further communication. This targeted approach allowed us to engage with potential buyers in a meaningful and relevant manner.

Track Two: Marketing

Simultaneously, on the marketing front, we developed human co-piloted AI-generated and SEO-optimized content that highlighted the product's benefits. This content focused on demonstrating how the SaaS solution could address pain points in the research process and IRB approval, emphasizing its value proposition.

Our robust scheduling platform allowed us to strategically place this content on social media during timeframes when our identified prospects were most likely to be active and engaging with their feeds. This timing increased the likelihood of organic interactions and interest in the product.

Additionally, our SEO efforts improved the client's online visibility, making it easier for potential buyers to find their product through online searches. This dual approach of content marketing and SEO optimization created a strong digital presence that supported our sales efforts.

The Direct Messaging Campaign

After approximately 120 days, once we were confident that the targets had been exposed to enough content and our SEO standing would validate their searches, we initiated a coordinated direct messaging campaign on LinkedIn. This campaign leveraged the relationships and trust we had built through our targeted marketing and sales efforts, enabling us to pitch the product directly to decision-makers within hospital systems.


By implementing this strategic plan, we successfully positioned the client's product in numerous hospital systems, generating significant interest and demand. This success led to the product's adoption by multiple organizations, translating into millions of dollars in revenue for our client.

The Borderline Advantage

Our innovative, data-driven approach to healthcare marketing helped our client break into a competitive market and establish their product as a leading solution for the research process and IRB approval. Through our expertise in audience targeting, content development, and strategic marketing and sales initiatives, we were able to generate the necessary interest and credibility to effectively position the client's product.

This case study demonstrates Borderline's commitment to delivering results for our clients. Our tailored approach, utilizing the power of social media, AI-generated content, and SEO optimization, ensures that we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.


The success of this strategic plan highlights Borderline's ability to combine marketing and sales strategies effectively to penetrate the healthcare market. Our expertise in identifying and targeting core prospects, crafting compelling content, and utilizing the power of social media and SEO optimization allowed us to successfully position the client's SaaS solution in numerous hospital systems.

Ultimately, the two pronged approach between our sales and marketing resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for our client. This case study serves as a testament to Borderline's dedication to delivering exceptional results for our clients in the private sector, particularly in the competitive and ever-evolving healthcare industry.

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