A Comprehensive Case Study on Delivering Award-Winning Healthcare Marketing Videos


Borderline is a leading healthcare marketing agency that has created over 1,000 high-quality marketing videos covering various topics, from direct-to-consumer marketing pieces to instructional videos and groundbreaking training material. With our extensive background in storytelling and award-winning feature film production, we have developed a unique expertise in creating compelling narratives for the healthcare industry. Our combined 60 years of marketing experience has allowed us to develop an extensive range of video content that resonates with diverse audiences and drives results for our clients.

Our work has been recognized with prestigious awards, including a Telly Award for a landmark video series we created for a federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This case study explores the process behind creating that series, showcasing our commitment to producing impactful and engaging video content that improves patient care.

Project Overview

The video series we produced aimed to educate patients on the best behavioral practices when taking medications with potential risks. The primary objective was to create a compelling narrative that showcased a day in the life of a patient taking two medications that could have potentially dangerous interactions.

Our Approach

  1. Research and Collaboration: We started by collaborating closely with the federal agency to understand the project's goals and the specific medications being highlighted. Our team conducted thorough research on the medications, their potential interactions, and best practices for patients to ensure that the information presented was accurate and relevant.
  2. Storytelling and Concept Development: Leveraging our background in storytelling and award-winning feature film production, we crafted a compelling narrative that centered around a relatable patient character. This approach allowed us to engage viewers emotionally, helping them connect with the content and understand the importance of following best practices when taking medications with potential risks.
  3. Scriptwriting and Pre-production: Our team of expert scriptwriters and healthcare specialists worked together to develop a script that effectively communicated the key messages while maintaining a natural and engaging narrative. We took care to ensure that the script was medically accurate, informative, and easy to follow for the target audience.
  4. Production: With a detailed script and storyboard in hand, we moved into the production phase. We carefully selected our cast, crew, and filming locations to ensure that the final product met the highest quality standards. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence resulted in a visually stunning and emotionally impactful video series.
  5. Post-production and Editing: During the post-production stage, our skilled editors and sound designers polished the video series to ensure that every element worked seamlessly together. We incorporated appropriate music, sound effects, and graphical elements to enhance the overall impact of the narrative and create a cohesive, engaging experience for viewers.

Results and Recognition

Our efforts to create an impactful and engaging video series that effectively educated patients on best behavioral practices when taking medications with potential risks were highly successful. The final product resonated with viewers and effectively conveyed the intended message, leading to the series being recognized with a prestigious Telly Award.

This recognition not only highlights our team's dedication to producing high-quality video content but also reinforces the importance of storytelling and subject matter expertise in the healthcare marketing space. Our unique combination of skills allows us to develop effective solutions that improve patient care and drive results for our clients across the healthcare industry.


Borderline’s success in producing an award-winning video series for a federal agency within HHS exemplifies our commitment to creating impactful and engaging healthcare marketing content. Our background in storytelling, feature film production, and healthcare marketing expertise enables us to develop a wide range of video content that resonates with diverse audiences and addresses the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

As we continue to expand our portfolio, we remain focused on our mission to improve patient care and drive results for our clients through effective storytelling and expertly crafted video content. Whether it's direct-to-consumer marketing, instructional videos, or groundbreaking training material, Borderline consistently delivers exceptional results that stand out in the ever-evolving healthcare marketing landscape.

By choosing Borderline for your healthcare marketing needs, you can be confident in our ability to develop and execute innovative solutions tailored to your organization's goals. Our award-winning team is dedicated to helping you make a lasting impact in the healthcare industry and achieve the results you desire. With our passion for storytelling, subject matter expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Borderline is the perfect partner to bring your healthcare marketing vision to life.

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