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How Does it work?

Spkl8 is a fantasy sports betting game that allows you to create almost any prop bet you can imagine and share it with the world. People can either accept or decline your bet.

  • Create Bets

    We try and let you come up with whatever crazy bets you can think of. If you think Kris Humphries will have a 40 points, we want you to make that bet.

  • Set your own odds

    You set your own risk-reward. Adjust your odds in order to find someone willing to take the bet.

  • In-Game bets

    Make bets while you're watching the game like betting about a player having a homerun in the next inning. Our system allows for near real-time bets.

  • Find Bets

    We'll give you a never ending stream of bets that you can filter by sport, team, player, etc. Swipe "tinder-style" on the bets to accept or decline them.

  • Socialize

    Chat and talk shit with people you make bets with. Or you can comment on other user's bets.

  • data provided by Stats

    All of our data is provided by STATS, the leading provider in sportsdata. We don't ask our users to determine if they won or not. We'll do that for you.

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Please submit your name, a username, and email in order to get exclusive access to SPKL8 when it launches. If you want, you can submit your address and we'll send you a SPKL8 sticker as a thank you for signing up. To be clear about our views on exclusive, that means we'll be using as test subjects and we can't guarantee that everything will work correctly. SPOTS ARE LIMITED! To make up for this fact, we will give each person in this pool 10x the standard starting value normally given to those signing up. So instead of $1,000 digital bucks, you'll get $10,000.

We really only use Twitter so please follow us there. We tweet about sports, funny bets people have made, and crazy bets that people have won. We'll also be producing a podcast to discuss sports, precisely how to pronounce SPKL8 and if we should have gone with a different name, and general funny stuff in general. We'll hit you up via email when things launch.